How the Schumann Resonance Influenced Frequency Technology…

When most people think about the science behind Philip Stein Teslar watches, they often associate this discovery with Nikola Tesla, an Austrian inventor whose work in the field of electromechanical engineering contributed in varying degrees to the Industrial Revolution, robotics, radar, nuclear physics, ballistics, computer science and the radio. 

While Tesla’s work in electromagnetism played an important role in the creation of the Teslar watch, other scientists have been influential in the development of Philip Stein’s frequency technology.  For example, it was Winfried Otto Schumann’s discovery of the earth’s natural resonance (also known as the Schumann resonance) that formed the basis for Philip Stein’s use of 7.83 Hz as its prevailing frequency. 

After its discovery in 1952, the Schumann Resonance soon became a worldwide phenomenon.  His discovery about the earth’s natural resonance was based on a mathematical calculation of the Earth’s closed waveguide, or the space between the Earth’s surface, and its conductive ionosphere.

So pervasive and existential are the Schumann resonances to human life, that NASA introduced a “Schumann Stimulator” to early astronauts as a way to keep their condition from deteriorating while spending time away from the Earth’s frequency. 

Little did Schumann know that in the 21st century there would be such a dire need to keep ordinary, earthbound human beings bound to the resonance of the Earth.  But with the daily onslaught of electronic pollution – extra-low frequency radiation from computers, microwaves, cell phones and any number of appliances –the average person is affected by undue stress. 

Wearing a Philip Stein natural frequency Teslar watch, can help us begin to feel the way we would feel if we spent our days away from electricity altogether… peaceful, rested, and at one with nature.

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