How to Avoid a Philip Stein Watch Scam

If you’re looking for a real Philip Stein Teslar watch, here is one way to tell right away of its real or a replica.  A real Philip Stein watch will have an interchangeable watch band.  Rather than using the standard pins, it will have a small clasp to make it easy to switch from one strap to another.  The most common Philip Stein watch scam artists will use standard watchbands with pins.  If you see these, beware.  They are not real the real thing. 

Another telltale sign to look for: on a real Philip Stein Teslar watch, the words “Water Resistant” will not be found on the watch’s face.  The only words written on the face are “Philip Stein”.  A genuine Philip Stein watch will say Water Resistant on the back of the watch, alongside the serial number. 

Finally, a real Philip Stein watch will have two chips embedded into the back of the case, and they will always look bright and new.  You will know it is a real Philip Stein watch when you see the writing around the chip itself, saying “Quantum Teslar Technology.  Chip made in USA”.  If you don’t see this, then you can be certain that someone is trying to sell you a fake.  Don’t buy it. 

Even more important than the outer beauty of a Philip Stein watch is the soothing effects of the Teslar chips, so don’t believe anyone who tells you the watch is genuine unless you see these three things for yourself. 

An even better way to ensure you aren’t being “duped” by an imposter is to purchase your Philip Stein Teslar watch from an authorized retailer.  You can find authorized retailers by looking at the web site or visiting a Philip Stein watch boutique. 

I hope this helps, and you are soon enjoying the benefits of a new Philip Stein Teslar watch. 





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