How to Control Your Exposure to EMFs

For many years, scientists have strongly recommended more research be done on the dangers of electromagnetic fields (EMFs).  While the World Health Organization (WHO) has been studying this since 1996, never has there been more pressure on the scientific community to come up with an answer. 

Some of the most common concerns expressed include health problems like migraines, insomnia, heart disease, childhood cancer and birth defects, but even stress can be attributed to EMF exposure.

Despite a rising concern among researchers and the media attention being paid to EMFs emitted from cell phones, the average person is still unaware of the growing magnitude of this problem.  This is because EMFs are so much more prevalent in our atmosphere today than they were just ten years ago.

Electromagnetic fields are emitted from virtually every electronic device, from household appliances to computers, and with our growing dependence on technology , the associated health problems continue to increase in equal measure. Even the earth itself emits an electromagnetic field of 7.83 Hz, which is known to create a relaxing effect on the body, but with all the “electronic pollution” out there, very few people can experience this.

The good news is that the Philip Stein watch company has come up with a way to replicate the resonance of the earth’s EMF in their line of Teslar watches.  A small chip embedded into the watch’s case is what creates the field of energy, which becomes the body’s “default” bio-field.  When a person wears a Philip Stein Teslar watch, they are not only protected from the damaging effects of EMFs, they also experience an overall sense of well being and calm.

Philip Stein watches are the best way to curb the negative effects of EMFs, with the added bonus of giving the body a vacation from stress.

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