How to Feel Better and Look Great!

Okay, based on the title of this article, you are probably wondering if I’m being straight with you, am I right?  Well, I am always honest, and I knew that title would get your attention. 

I’m writing to let you in on a secret, something I discovered this summer when I was traveling through Europe.  While I was on my trip, my watch broke, so instead of getting it repaired I decided to start looking for a new one.  On a stopover in London, I did some shopping and found a very new and unique timepiece.  It is called a Philip Stein Teslar watch.

Since I’d never heard of these watches, I was surprised to learn that they are well known around the world.  In fact, Oprah has already included them in her list of Favorite Things.  I’m not a big fan of Oprah, so I wasn’t surprised I missed that.  The reason they’ve become so popular recently is because they’re known for relieving stress and helping people “feel good”.  How does that work, you may ask? Well, the concept was designed with the help of Teslar technology.  Each watch has its own Teslar chip, which emits a frequency that calms the body by immersing it in the same frequency that exists when the brain is at rest. 

When I did some initial research on the company, I found dozens of testimonials from people who had recovered from insomnia, persistent jet lag, depression, and even chronic pain.  But I never expected a watch that does this much to look so good!  Philip Stein watches are the epitome of luxury timepieces.  They are available in three distinct collections, ranging from sleek dual time-zone professional watches to decked-out, bejeweled works of art.  And the selection of colorful and textured straps is seemingly endless! 

So, did I live up to my promise?  Yes.  Philip Stein watches deliver “feel good” technology and they look great too!

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