If you know the way to Cozumel…

Just in time for winter vacations, the Philip Stein boutique is ready to host a bevy of tourists this holiday season in beautiful Cozumel, Mexico.  As there weren’t already enough temptations from luxury retailers in vacation spots, the new Philip Stein boutique will promises to be a star attraction for cruise passengers on holiday this year. 

Designed to be an oasis of tranquility in a tropical paradise, the Philip Stein watch company has designed a boutique that will allow customers to experience the effects of wearing a Philip Stein watch as soon as they walk into the store.  One of the main theories behind Philip Stein watches is their ability to balance a person’s “chi” energy and promote the flow of energy through the meridians of the body.  The watches accomplish this through the use of patented frequency technology, which acts as a shield against the negative effects of electronic pollution. 

Imagine the way you feel when you first return from a restful vacation; like nothing can possibly get you ruffled, and the whole world is in harmony.  Don’t we all wish we could hang onto that feeling for more than a day or two?  When one considers that the whole idea of wearing a Philip Stein watch is to be able to maintain that feeling indefinitely, where better to position a flagship boutique than in an idyllic spot like Cozumel? 

Taking a timepiece with you from the Philip Stein boutique in Cozumel is like bottling that “vacation feeling” and bringing it home with you on the plane.  Now who can resist that?  The Philip Stein Company is betting that very few people will.

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