Watch Out For Imitators And Teslar Scams

philipsteinAre Philip Stein Watches truly Teslar devices? It is not a simple answer. Apparently, when they first appeared on the market, the watches did in fact use the Teslar chips. These watches were gaining in popularity due to high profile watch wearers such as Oprah Winfrey, Jack Nicholson, and Samuel Jackson.

In 2008 Philip Stein and Teslar went their separate ways and no longer are partners. Now, Philip Stein uses a different technology which is not Teslar, and users claim that the watch does not create the same effect. AYUS Corp is the new provider of the technology that Philip Stein is using, and apparently Philip Stein is not telling the public that they do not use Teslar chips.

According the Teslar, the Teslar chip is the only technology proven to work in the way that Philip Stein claims their watches work. Many consumers have bought new Philip Stein watches only to find that they do not have a Teslar chip in them, and are outraged, and feel that they have been had. Some Philip Stein watches have been sold in stores for a much lower price, and have also been found to not have Teslar chips in them.

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