It’s only natural to Love Philip Stein’s Newest Collection

Lapis Lazuli, Turquoise, Tiger’s Eye… these are beautiful natural stones sometimes seen in earrings and pendants, but not normally associated with watches. Only the ever-innovative, never traditional Philip Stein watch company would take his mind-body wellness products a step further by encasing them in stunning natural stone cases.  Never has a luxury watch felt so… I don’t know… luxurious!

A leader in creating wellness based luxury products, the Philip Stein company has only been around since 2002, but in that time they have moved up to the top tier in men’s and women’s watches.  Most recently, their new wine wand has added to the allure of their luxury products.  After making their mark on Hollywood, Madison Avenue and Wall Street, the Philip Stein company has been recognized recently twice as one of Oprah Winfrey’s “favorite things”. 

With Philip Stein’s recent Natural Stone collection, featuring scattered mother-of-pearl and ivory dials surrounded by natural stone, fans of the original watches are scrambling to get one.    These new timepieces are so lovely and unique; they stand in a category by themselves, like a work of art.

This limited edition Natural Stone collection by Philip Stein is the perfect way for the company to showcase its commitment to the synergy between the beauty of natural stone and infused natural frequencies.  Wearers get the same well-being benefits from these Philip Stein timepieces as they would with any other collections, such as better sleep, less overall stress, and reduced effects of jet lag.

In addition to the natural stone beauty of these timepieces, Philip Stein has added some very special bands, like the limited edition hand-painted crocodile skin band, a collection of textured straps and exotic Teju lizard.  Natural stone timepieces are now available at Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue and fine jewelers around the world.

One thought on “It’s only natural to Love Philip Stein’s Newest Collection”

  1. I just purchased my first Philip Stein watch and was told by the sales person that it has to be worn on the left wrist. I have always worn a worn on my right wrist and I find this very awkward. Does it matter which wrist the watch is worn on?
    Please inform.

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