Let 2010 be the year that you eliminate stress!

As the year winds down, and the slower pace of the holiday season draws to a close, it is easy to get caught up in the stress of workaday world.  Research continues to show how much stress really affects our health, and worsens conditions like high blood pressure, anxiety, depression and gastrointestinal disorders.  Stress can also cause migraines, cardiovascular disease, and increase our chances of catching the common cold.

If you don’t want stress to rule your life again this year, maybe now is the time you took action against it.  There are many things you can do on a daily basis to control stress, such as yoga, exercise, meditation, and getting more sleep, but there is one thing you can do that takes very little effort and continues to work all day long.  It is the simple act of wearing a Philip Stein Teslar watchPhilip Stein watches come equipped with a tiny chip that works in conjunction with the watch’s battery and coil to create a healthier frequency around the body.  This frequency, which resonates at 7-9 Hz, replicates the calming natural frequency of the earth, and informs the body and mind to relax and clear blocked energy passageways.

Why does a Philip Stein watch work so well? The main reason that we need to readjust the frequency of the electromagnetic energy field that surrounds us is because of our 24/7 relationship with electronic devices, like cell phones and computers.  Often referred to as “electronic pollution”, these convenient devices emit frequencies that can dramatically alter our energy level and reaction to stress. 

A new Philip Stein Teslar watch may be just what you need to be able to keep your New Year’s resolutions this year.

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