Mastering Stress with a Philip Stein Watch

We all know that stress is bad for the central nervous system, and it is the cause of health problems like heart disease, stroke, insomnia, depression and anxiety.  But it doesn’t do much good for our personal and emotional lives either.

When we are stressed-out, it is easy to forget that life is supposed to be enjoyed.  Relationships are supposed to be pleasant, and work is supposed to be mentally stimulating.  But when we’re stressed, it is easy to think of everything – even our family lives – as just another thing to cross off of our to-do list. 

Learning to relax can take a lifetime of practice.  Some people choose physical activities like biking, running or swimming.  Others choose meditation, yoga, and prayer.  But one way to make a lasting difference on our reaction to stress is much simpler to do. 

Simply wearing a Philip Stein Teslar watch can unleash blocked energy passageways, relax the mind, improve sleep, and give the wearer an overwhelming sense of peace and well being.  These beautifully designed luxury watches not only look great on; they also make you feel great.  By sending out a signal that interacts with the watch’s battery and an oscillating timing coil, the Teslar chip in each Philip Stein watch actually strengthens the body’s bio-field, making it impervious to all the low-frequency electromagnetic fields in our atmosphere. 

Testimonials keep pouring in from all over the world, telling about how wearing a Philip Stein watch has changed their lives.  Reports of less pain from chronic injuries, relief from jet lag, improved mental clarity, and incredibly high energy levels have driven many people to become new Philip Stein fans.  Even Oprah has listed the Philip Stein luxury watch collection as one of her “favorite things”.  So if you’re looking for a stress management tool that also makes a fashion statement, look no further than the Philip Stein Teslar watch.

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