Microwave Ovens, Radar and Your Health

Did you know that microwave ovens can be dangerous to your health? 

That’s because they can emit radar electromagnetic fields (EMFs) that may present health problems down the road.  Measuring microwave emissions can only be done accurately by using very expensive digital peak-hold meters, because analog meters tend to drop their readings immediately after a sweep of radar passes. For this reason, it is very difficult for the average person to judge whether they are being exposed to dangerous EMF from a common kitchen microwave oven. 

United States safety limits for microwaves are lower than other countries, and all microwaves leak to some extent.  The only way to prevent yourself from being overexposed to this potentially dangerous form of radiation is to stand several feet away from a microwave while it is in use, and wait at least 30 seconds after the cooking time is finished before opening the door.

Like microwaves, many household appliances emit dangerous levels of electromagnetic radiation, but consumers can take steps to protect themselves from these threats.  Wearing a Philip Stein Teslar watch, with an embedded natural frequency chip, can dramatically an individual’s vulnerability to EMFs.  This is because Philip Stein watches emit a signal that duplicates the natural frequency of the earth.  This signal interacts with the body’s bio-field and creates its own, healthier electromagnetic field, thereby insulating the wearer from extra-low frequency (ELF) fields, commonly known as electronic pollution.

In addition to offering valuable protection from EMFs, Philip Stein’s collection of luxury timepieces helps people feel less stress, experience deeper sleep, and enjoy an overall sense of well-being.

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