My Close Encounter with a Philip Stein Watch

The Philip Stein collection of watches has always intrigued me, but being a skeptic when it comes to anything “new age” and not a big fan of the mind-body wellness movement, I had often thought these watches made claims that were way overblown.  It wasn’t until I met up with an old friend at the train station last week that I was convinced otherwise. 

Standing there waiting for the LIRR out of Penn Station, I found myself struggling to stay awake, as usual. Another long day at the office had worn me out.  Just then, an old friend from college roused me from my daydream and we started catching up on each other’s lives.  He seemed so energetic for that time of the day, and when I commented about it he started telling me about how his new Philip Stein watch had “changed his life”.  He said he’s been so much calmer, less anxious and stressed, and he’s even been sleeping better at night – and he honestly believed it was from the natural frequencies being emitted from his new Philip Stein watch! 

I confessed to him that I had always wondered about those watches, and how I had resisted the temptation to buy one even though I clearly needed those same benefits.  He said he had a hard time believing it would work too, but his wife had bought him the watch for his birthday after reading up on Philip Stein’s frequency technology.  She bought one for herself too, and the two of them have noticed an amazing difference.  Not only did it help them combat stress and sleep more soundly, it has had a positive effect on their relationship as well. 

Well, I am proud to say that I finally went out and bought a Philip Stein watch over the weekend, and even though it’s only been four days, I have already noticed a difference.

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