News About Philip Stein – “It’s All In The Wrist”

This is one of the best presents I have ever been given! When my fiancée gave me the Philip Stein watch I had been noodging him to get me, (it was from their Prestige Collection) I wore it every day and night for about a month. I definitely slept about 80%-90% better almost immediately and I loved the look of the watch as well but I was a little bit concerned that it wouldn’t wear as well at more formal functions.

But what I wasn’t aware of was that the same watch comes with many, many different straps and bracelets from fancy to casual. Now I don’t know anything about how a watch works. As far as I am concerned, if it keeps good time, that’s good enough for me. But fashion-wise, I am a little more keyed in. So on my own, I bought three more bracelets (and rather inexpensively off their website I might add) and I am happy I did. I feel like I own four different watches for any occasion that I’ll ever need it for.

Trust me, if you are thinking about getting a Philip Stein; get it with a few different straps. You will be able to wear it anywhere.

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