Offset the Effects of Electromagnetic Fields with a Philip Stein Watch

In our modern society, the use of electronics is unavoidable.  Throughout the day, we are constantly bombarded by low-level electromagnetic fields, emitted from all sorts of devices – from microwaves and computers to telecommunications towers and radios.  All this exposure promotes an unhealthy process known as electromagnetic radiation. 

What is an electromagnetic field?

Simply put, an electromagnetic field is an area through which electrically charged particles pass through.  The closer we are to the source of these particles, the more exposed we become.  In many cases this exposure can present health risks to humans.  It all depends on the type of electromagnetic fields, our innate sensitivity, and the duration or frequency of exposure.

While most scientists agree that non-chronic EMF exposure doesn’t pose a grave threat to public health, high exposure can be extremely damaging.  The EPA even recommends a degree of prudence around EMFs, and suggests people do their best to decrease their exposure to electromagnetic fields.  In fact, the World Health Organization launched a global task force in 1996 to assess the risks of prolonged EMF exposure.  Most research on this subject shows a direct correlation between high exposure to electromagnetic fields and health issues like headaches, memory loss and fatigue.

What is the remedy for this?

The Philip Stein watch company offers a simple and easy solution to help people reduce their exposure to EMFs.  Their collection of luxury Teslar watches contain a chip that utilizes frequency technology in conjunction with the watch’s battery and a patented timing coil.  This technology creates an ideal frequency field that actually neutralizes any negative EMFs surrounding it.  By creating its own electromagnetic field – the same field found naturally when the brain is at rest – Philip Stein Teslar watches create a scalar waveform that imitates the earth’s natural electromagnetic field.  Using a 7 to 9 Hz signal, known as the most beneficial frequency to the human body, the Alpha waves allow the brain to achieve a more peaceful, meditative state.

Controlled studies of the Philip Stein Teslar watch have shown that most people who wear their watches experience a dramatic reduction in stress, more restful sleep and less emotional anxiety.

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