Philip Stein – A Leader in Luxury on the Move

PHILIP STEIN® is the recognized leader in watches and other luxury lifestyle products, all of which employ proprietary natural frequency technology. After seven years of unprecedented growth in the luxury watch market, the company has become notorious for their commitment to innovation and quality.  Not only do they offer a superior product using natural frequencies to repel stress, they have also attracted quite a celebrity following.  Since their launch in 2002, Oprah has twice included Philip Stein watches on her list of “favorite things” and notable fans also include Madonna and Rupert Murdoch.

A pioneer in the study and practical application of natural frequency technology, Philip Stein is now creating a “concept store”, set to open this fall in Cozumel, Mexico.  A magnet for well-heeled tourists, Cozumel offers the ideal locale for presenting Stein’s concept of well-being and luxury in a new, exciting way. 

As a Philip Stein “convert” myself, I can personally attest to the life-changing effects of wearing an embedded natural frequency disk on my wrist.  I’ve been wearing one for over three months now, and have reaped enormous benefits thus far.  Not only am I able to focus better on work, I also sleep more soundly and feel calm, even on the most stressful days. 

With my consistent travel schedule, wearing a Philip Stein watch has helped me to reduce the effects of jet lag, feel rested and relaxed, and better deal with prolonged delays at the airport.  Before I started wearing one, I remember it would take me days to fully recover from a long trip, but now that I sleep better, I am at my best the very next day, ready to take on new challenges, intense workloads, and challenging problems. 

With the travel demands of my occupation, at times in the past I had trouble getting consistent and adequate amounts of sleep. Consequently my body wasn’t able to optimally recover following my daily activities and strenuous training. Since wearing the watch however, once I hit the bed I’ve been falling asleep sooner and able to sleep throughout the night. With so many of the body’s recovery mechanisms occurring during sleep, the deeper sleep I am able to get helps me feel my very best the following day; ready to endure the challenges, stress, intense workouts, and travel demands.

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