Philip Stein News: The Benefits of Frequency Technology

watch1Philip Stein has been using an old principle to create a new timepiece experience for its customers. Frequency Technology has been integrated into their watches which helps the natural flow of energy in the body to balance.

The ancient Chinese referred to this flow of energy as “Chi”. This energy and its flow are the basis of massage, acupuncture, and many other forms of therapy and wellness. Several meridians are identified in acupuncture which energy travels along in the body. Western science would refer to these as the pathways of the central nervous system. Many researches, healers, and therapists believe that in order for the human brain and body function to be working most efficiently, that the brain and body frequency be in resonance with the frequency of planet earth, which is in the 7-9Hz frequency range.

Philip Stein watches create a frequency in the watch from between 7-9Hz and users find benefits immediately, including better sleep, reduced stress levels, and an over all improvement in wellness. This frequency helps to reduce energy flow disturbed by electronic devices in modern life such as cell phones, computers, and others. Philip Stein watch customers have found health improvements simply by wearing the watch on a regular basis.

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