Philip Stein Reviews A Really Great Watch

philipstein_159x182Watches are often times known for their style, craftsmanship, and of course sometimes, price. Philip Stein has taken a slightly different approach with their Teslar Watch, which in addition to being a stylish timepiece, features wellbeing technology in the form of a zero-point waveform emitted to create a sense of calm, wellness, and good health.

Popular amongst celebrities such as Jack Nicholson, Madonna, and Oprah Winfrey, the watch uses frequency technology to strengthen the body’s electromagnetic field, which helps resist the effects of electronic pollution we encounter in our daily lives from microwaves, power lines, computers, cell phones, and the like. This helps the body deal with stress better and maintains a sense of well being. Watch buyers report that they sleep better, feel less stress, achieve better levels of concentration, and in some cases, feel reduced symptoms of migraine headaches and fibromyalgia.

In addition, the watches are well designed and smart, using brushed and polished stainless steel, 18 carat gold, and can be bought with or without diamond bezels and gemstones. All Philip Stein watches feature dual time zone dials. Unique in many ways, the Philip Stein watch is a great choice for modern life, not only for telling time, but feeling better doing it.

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