Philip Stein knockoffs suck

I am so sick of knockoffs and scam artists!

I bought my first Philip Stein watch in 2004 and loved it so much that I bought another slightly more formal one with a smaller dial last year. Both my husband and my daughters have told me that they have noticed how much calmer I am. Even my therapist tells me that I seem to be handling stress much better now.

So this is why I’ve felt comfortable telling more than a few friends about my watches and how the Teslar system has improved my health and relaxation by quite a bit. And it’s also why frankly I’ve become very pissed (pardon my French, but that’s how I feel) when my best friend told me she bought what she THOUGHT was the same watch I had, but she got it from a website called

To be fair, I guess the website advertises that their watches are knockoffs but still, their product description says that it is a “TESLAR” watch… which it is not. And while her watch does look a lot like mine, it doesn’t have ANY of the medical benefits which is the main reason why I recommended it to her.

So if you are looking for a Philip Stein watch, BEWARE OF KNOCKOFF ARTISTS and scammers! Do yourself a favor and spend the extra bucks on the real thing not on some piece of garbage you can probably get on the street somewhere.

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