Philip Stein Men’s Chronographs – A Great Way for Men to Fight Stress

Okay, guys, you’re probably tired of reading about all the stress-reducing techniques that are designed just for women.  Believe me, I’m with you.  It seems the ladies have cornered the market on stress reduction these days.  They take yoga classes, meditate, go shopping with their girlfriends, take bubble baths or just curl up with a good book.  But men are less likely to develop the coping mechanisms we need to get through a stressful week.   Sure, we guys can still go out and play a few rounds of golf, spend the afternoon fishing, or take a hike in the woods, but these are not the kind of activities most men can do on a regular basis. 

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the demands of work, family and projects around the house, it can really affect your mood, sleep patterns and ability to handle stress.  But there is a solution you might have never heard of.  It’s called a Philip Stein Teslar watch

Philip Stein watches are designed to make you feel calmer, more relaxed, and better able to handle a stressful work environment.  They work by emitting a signal that is the same as the Earth’s natural frequency, which strengthens your body’s bio-field to make it resistant to low-frequency electromagnetic fields (EMFs).  You see, it is our abundant exposure to personal electronics, cell phones and other electrical signals that can weaken our body’s natural resistance to stress.  Only when we are influenced by a healthier, more harmonious frequency can be truly find relief.  Philip Stein watches do this, and more. 

In addition to their health benefits, Philip Stein watches also look great on.  The company is considered one of the premiere luxury watch makes in the world, and their men’s watches rival the Swiss-made chronographs of Breitling, Rolex and Tag-Heuer.  So if you don’t see yourself signing up for a yoga class, sipping tea with the girls, or taking a scented bubble bath to relieve stress, why not let a Philip Stein watch be your secret weapon?

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