Philip Stein News: New Watches Are Worth Waiting For

philipstein_159x182The new Philip Stein watches are here, and lo and behold they both come in with a price tag less that $1,100! With prices for a Philip Stein watch ranging upwards of $5,000, it is refreshing to see that the two newest additions to his collection are priced in the lower ranges. Both are a stainless steel lace case, one with diamond chips and one without. Both are elegant and attractive, definitely eye-catching but not gaudy or over-stated.
For a consumer interested in a beautiful watch, they already have much to offer. However, these watches come with the up-and-coming Teslar technology designed to balance the body’s electromagnetic fields and enhance physical health, while enabling the wearer to stay right on time as well.
Teslar technology is not actually new, but was promoted over thirty years ago by an inventor who named the technology after a fellow inventor. Philip Stein has worked wonders in developing the technology and making it available simply by placing it inside a piece of jewelry that most people wear…a watch. Of course, the technology raises the price of each watch above that of an ordinary timepiece, but when the effects are increased health, relaxed frame of mind, and greater endurance, the cost may prove to be well worth it.

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