Philip Stein Offers Feel-Good-Fashion!

As we settle into the reality of January, and try to get back to our normal routines, maybe it’s time to look for a new watch to make sure you stay on schedule.  But getting back to the real world also adds so much stress to our lives.  Wouldn’t it be great if a new watch could also give you the extra energy you need to get the dark days of winter? 

Philip Stein’s Teslar watches can give you that extra bit of energy, plus a whole lot more.  Philip Stein uses patented frequency technology disks, also known as Teslar chips, in all of their watches for men and women.  Their elegant collections of dual-time-zone analog watches are not only pristine and classy; they have some pretty impressive health benefits too. 

Embedded in the case of each watch are Teslar chips, which emit a unique signal that actually help your body repel negative electromagnetic alpha waves, restoring your natural “bio-field” to a more balanced frequency. 

In our world of gadgets, computers, cell phones and electronics, we are surrounded by electronic pollution from all sides throughout the day.  It is no wonder our body’s are out of balance with nature.  Our only defense against this perpetual barrage of electromagnetic fields is a consistent exposure to the earth’s naturally occurring frequencies. 

So when you can’t get away from the dark days of January, and spend time soaking up rays in the southern hemisphere,  a Philip Stein watch will help you experience a more positive mental outlook, less stress and an overall sense of well-being.

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