Philip Stein Offers “Feel Good” Fashion!

As the summer winds down and we get back into our normal routines, it may be time to look for a new timepiece to make sure you stay on schedule.  But getting back to the real world also adds stress to our lives.  Wouldn’t it be great if a new watch could also give you the added energy you need to get through the day? 

With Philip Stein’s frequency technology watches, you can get that extra bit of energy, plus a whole lot more.  Philip Stein uses Teslar (or frequency technology) based chips in all of their high-end watches for men and women.  These dual-time-zone analog watches are not only elegant and fashionable; they actually have incorporated technology that has medicinal purposes too. 

What really sets Philip Stein watches apart is the Teslar technology chips, embedded in the case of each watch.  The chips emit a unique signal which helps your body naturally repel negative electronic alpha waves and restore the body’s “bio-field” to a more balanced frequency. 

All day, every day, we are surrounded by electronic pollution from all the “devices” in our lives, such as blackberries, GPS systems, computers, iPods and microwaves.  It is no wonder our body’s are out of balance with nature.  Our only defense against this perpetual onslaught is constant exposure to the earth’s naturally occurring frequencies.  When you can’t get away to a spa in Bali, a Philip Stein watch will help you experience a more positive mental outlook, less stress and an overall sense of well-being. 

Seen on stars like Avril Lavigne, Samuel L. Jackson, Oprah, Madonna and Hugh Jackman, these watches have captivated an audience of influential trendsetters.  Perhaps this is because they are not only functional; they look fabulous on the wrist!  Whether it’s pave diamonds, a classic round dial, or bands made of lizard and ostrich, there is a collection of timepieces for every style and budget. 

Take a cue from Philip Stein’s celebrity fans, and strap on a Philip Stein for some “feel-good fashion”.

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