Fell For A Philip Stein Scam? What’s Next

philip_stein_teslar_watch_2Wow, now it seems that all we have to do is wear a particular watch and nearly all of our body’s ailments will begin to fall away. Assuming, of course, that we believe that so many of our ills are due to a chaotic state induced by daily bombardment from varying frequencies of electromagnetic fields and electrical impulses causing a state of imbalance in our physical bodies. Does this or does it not make sense? And just how willing are consumers to place their wallets on the line in order to experiment with exactly how much relief they might discover from wearing one of these expensive timepieces?
It is likely that less skepticism would abound if the stated solution to these electromagnetic faux pas were not so expensive, and thus so highly profitable to the individual who is marketing the product. But the fact is that Philip Stein is making a whole lot of money from his watches, which are being sold in impressive numbers based largely on their stated therapeutic health effects. The watches do look good, but their appeal goes far beyond esthetics as they are marketed largely from the standpoint of being a mind-body health product. Do they work? Maybe consumers have to try it themselves and decide what benefits there may actually be. Whether they are willing to pay so dearly in a depressed economy for an answer to that question remains to be seen.

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