Philip Stein Scams you can avoid them with some research

philip-steinRecently many people have been purchasing Philip Stein watches, or at least, they thought they were. There are counterfeits out there, and many have found out after purchasing that theirs is not a real Philip Stein. There are some clues of what to look for when purchasing.

First, the old saying “If it seems too good to be true, then it probably is.” Applies to the price. Some watches that are purported to be Philip Steins are sold for anywhere from $200 to $350, less than half of the least expensive. That should be a first clue. Also, all the watches use an interchangeable watch band that doesn’t have pins, but a small clasp for changing the strap easily. The fake watches have a strap that often times is rubber and doesn’t have the special clasp. On the face of the watch, you should only see the name of the watch, you will never see “Water Resistant” or any other writing. The real ones say Water resistant on the back, and also have a serial number on the back.
Finally, the 2 chips on the back should look new and bright. There should be writing on the chip that says Quantum Teslar Technology. Chip Made in USA.

Be sure to look very closely at any watch that carries the name Philip Stein.

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