Philip Stein Signature 2GCB Men’s Watch: Stylized


Watches don’t get much more stylized than the unique designs of Philip Stein. The watch maker’s Signature collection 2GCB men’s watch is one of the more understated pieces of artistry in this manufacturers catalog, although this much style can’t rightly be called understated. The distinctive case shape of Philip Stein on the 2GCB is perfectly accentuated by the black and white two-stripe band recommended for the watch, and the ensemble together simultaneously evokes precision and pep.

The iconic Philip Stein case is gunmetal crystal with two black dials that sport steel colored hands and Roman numerals. The Signature collection 2GCB dial window is a sapphire coated curved mineral crystal and the watch is 3-ATM water resistant. The watch has two quartz movements and Teslar technology. While changeable, the primary strap on this men’s watch is the 2-CCB 20mm triple cut calf leather in liberty black. This watch carries with it whirlwind a blend of craftsmanship, style, artistry, precision, modernism and performance. There isn’t a whole lot that can be said about it that wouldn’t be evident with just a simple glance. Its look says it all.

The Philip Stein Signature 2GCB men’s watch retails for $625 on the Philip Stein website and authorized resellers.

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