Philip Stein Teslar – The Alternative to Anger Management

Sometimes it seems like the whole world has gone mad.  All you need to do is turn on the evening news, or any24-hour cable news channel, and you’ll see what I mean.  From the “you lie” comment made by Rep. Joe Wilson (R, New York) during a Presidential address, to several prominent politicians cheating on their wives and all the angry people making the news every day, it’s everywhere…  Pure madness!  Even the news channels have started asking, “Why is everyone so angry all the time?”

Anger management courses should be filled to capacity, but sadly they’re not.  People don’t even realize how uncivil our society has become.  Perhaps these are the after-effects of the “me” generation, but it seems like everyone has a self-righteous “me first” attitude these days.  Maybe it’s the stress of living through one of the worst economic downturns in US history, but it is important to realize that we can bring our society back to a more peaceful and happy state of mind.  One of these things is known as “frequency technology” and it is available in every Philip Stein watch

If my experience with my new Philip Stein Teslar watch is any indication of how well these watches would work for the general public, then I think President Obama should stop spending stimulus dollars on things like infrastructure projects and education, and just buy one of these incredible watches for every single person in the United States.  Honestly, given the state of affairs in our public forums and the dismal state of our economy, wouldn’t it be great to have a bunch of stress-free, calm and happy people walking around every corner.  Imagine the civility! People holding doors for one another again, helping each other instead of helping themselves – actually getting along – wouldn’t that be enough to turn the economy around?

Okay, maybe I’m getting a little carried away on this concept, but really, I am so excited about the technology behind Philip Stein Teslar watches, and so ready to clobber anyone who tries to tell me about Teslar scams.  Philip Stein watches are simply amazing, but the best way to find out is to get one of your own and experience the benefits.  Be sure to purchase yours from an authorized Philip Stein retailer.

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