Philip Stein: The Wine Wand

wineleft5Philip Stein have created quite an accessory for the wine aficionado, sommelier, or gift giver in the Wine Wand. This beautiful and elegant wand with encapsulated glass jewels uses natural frequencies to aerate wine in a fraction of the time.

Wine typically takes 2 hours to aerate properly. Using the Philip Stein Wine Wand, you can properly aerate wine in a bottle or decanter in 5 minutes, or a glass in only 3 minutes. The wine wand combines frequencies of oxygen and air with the wine and greatly accelerates the process, allowing for wine to reach its full taste potential quickly and easily. The Wand has been receiving top reviews by sommeliers and wine drinkers for quickly achieving results without affecting the taste, giving the wine drinker a pleasurable experience that normally takes a prohibitive amount of time.

On can easily test the Wine wand. Place it in a glass of newly opened wine for 3 minutes, while pouring wine in an identical glass and placing it away from the wand so as to keep it from the frequencies of the wand. One can experience the full bouquet and flavor of the wine as it was intended. Compact and elegant, it makes a great travel companion.

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