My Philip Stein Watch Really Works!

fake5There has been some controversy over the claims by Philip Stein that their Frequency Technology watches give the user better health. This controversy is further fed by the fact that some people feel the effects, while others do not. What is it that is happening for the people who swear by them?

One user claims they can “burn the candle at both ends” without feeling exhausted, that they recover from over work much quicker, and that his eyes no longer get really tired. Overall he says he feels better. Another user has stated that her fibromyalgia pain is lessened, and that her migraine headaches have lessened in strength, and in frequency. Many people have suggested that the sense of well being normally associated with being in nature comes to them when they are in a situation where normally they would be feeling stressed. Some people claim to sleep better and have a sense of calm.

Although there are naysayers who claim that the frequency technology claims are false and that there is no way that a watch can deliver such a feeling, the people who use and like the watches are strong supporters of the watches and the technology. Whatever the case, it can be said that those who use them and love them believe that they really work.

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