Shopping For A Philip Stein Watch? Read Some Reviews First

389675d73c679a9f2775087d8a4fc930When thinking about buying a new watch, there are many things to consider, but add to that something called Frequency Technology in the Philip Stein Teslar watch, and you have a whole new choice to make. Philip Stein includes in their Teslar watch “Frequency Technology” which they claim helps people handle stress, sleep better, and have a better sense of well being.

The technology generates a zero-point waveform pulsing at 7-9Hz, which is the frequency of Planet Earth. This, according to doctors, alternative healers, yoga practitioners, therapists, and the like, is the frequency within which the body is best suited for optimum performance.

What are people saying about the watches? In addition to celebrity endorsements from Oprah Winfrey, Samuel Jackson, Jack Nicholson, and Madonna, many people find the watches a welcome addition to their lifestyle. One user claims that their busy work life which leads to exhaustion no longer leaves them feeling exhausted, and they recover much quicker from the tired feeling associated with working non stop. They also claim that their eyes do not get as tired as they used to. Some users claim that they sleep better at night, from a better managed and lower level of stress. Others claim that symptoms of chronic pain, such as fibromyalgia, are greatly reduced. Still others claim that their migraine headaches are much less in strength and in frequency. Whatever the case, people are finding positive results from the Teslar watch.

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