Philip Stein Watch Scam

Beware of Scammers! philip-stein-teslar-1

I guess it is my own fault, but I was completely scammed by a “discount wholesaler” when I tried to buy the same Philip Stein watch that my sister-in-law has.

She has a large ladies Philip Stein watch with a mother of pearl dial, stainless steel case and a pink rose alligator strap with a Teslar chip. I thought I had the same thing until I took mine to a jeweler after I accidentally scratched it. When I came back the next week, he told me that I had a cheap knockoff of the original watch and that mine was just one of many fake Philip Steins he saw.

He asked me how much I paid for it and when I told him two hundred dollars he explained that the authentic Philip Stein model I wanted couldn’t (at the time) be bought for less than five hundred dollars and that there was a reason I could get it so cheap. The Teslar chip in it wasn’t real.

I was furious. Of course when I went back to the store where I purchased it, the owner (or who I think was the owner) denied any responsibility and only offered to sell me any other of his watches for 50% off. I’ve called the police but I still haven’t been able to get my money back. I’ll likely end up in small claims court but it is starting to become more trouble than it is worth.

Anyway, after doing my research (obviously a little too late) I have found out that you really should only buy Philip Stein watches either directly from them or from one of their AUTHORIZED sellers. Also, in the watch world, anytime you buy a watch for more than 60% off, there is a good chance the watch is fake or the company is illegitimate. Sounds obvious I guess, but as they say, live and learn.

The kicker is that I have also found out that Philip Stein no longer makes their watches with Teslar but with a new “frequency technology” which I am sure is great but I just wish I could have gotten the watch I wanted in the first place.

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  1. In addition to the new frequency technology that Philip Stein is using now, if before it reads “Quantum Teslar Technology. Chip made in USA” around the chips on the back of the original Philip Stein watches it does not anymore show that. What shows on the back and around the chips is “Natural Frequency Technology”

    So beware of fake Philip Stein watches.

    I’m sure that when you register your watch on their website, it will tell you if it’s the real thing since the registration will ask you for the watches’ serial number. And if their website did not accept what you have entered, then most likely it’s a replica^^

    Hope this helps^^

  2. I bought the Stainless steel Large 20mm with Lizard strap from Neiman Markus (online) for my wife on her Birthday. Absolutely Beautiful watch. She loves it. Very well made. I also recommend registering the watch on the Philip Stein web site.I paid $655 for it and am very happy. It does have the Lizard strap so I would not get that wet. It does say “Swiss Made” on the back as well as “Natural Frequency Technology” along with the serial number. I also ordered an additional strap from the Philip Stein web site(different color, $110) ,which takes a little while, 5 days or so to ship.
    The watch arrived in a very nice (appears to be leather box ) with all the paperwork.
    Very happy overall, I hope this helps you choice. I highly recommend it.

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