Philip Stein watches can be very beneficial to your health.

hen people think of the natural frequency technology in Philip Stein watches, it is easy  for skeptics to stereotype it as “new age”, “alternative”.  After all, when I first heard about the health benefits of wearing a Philip Stein watch, I had my doubts about their claims.  I figured, if a watch could do that much to make me “feel good” and at the same time protect me from extra-low frequency radiation, it was either a hoax or a miracle.

It wasn’t until I actually started to investigate the science behind the Teslar chip that I became a believer.  Having studied electromagnetism, the Earth’s resonance, and the discoveries of Nikola Tesla  and Andrija Pehurich, I could now understand the interaction that takes place within these watches, and why it works.  Thanks to the discovery of the Schumann Resonances, by none other than Winfried Otto Schumann, there was now a very good reason to create a simulation of the Earth’s natural resonance, and the Philip Stein Company finally had the wherewithal to achieve this. 

By interacting with the body’s natural “bio-field”, a unique electromagnetic field that surrounds the body, Philip Stein Teslar watches introduce a frequency of 7.83 Hz to strengthen and invigorate that field.  Since this is the same frequency that is naturally present in the Earth, and one that is also present when the brain is at rest, it inspires the body to rest, focus, and become resilient to external stressors in the environment.    Now, what could be healthier than that?

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