Philip Stein Watches Provide Frequency Technology For Health Benefits

watch3While it has been known for some time that constant exposure to electromagnetic fields can be damaging to the human body, they are actually quite difficult to avoid in the technological world we live in today. Scientists have known for decades that bombarding our bodies with these conflicting electrical impulses can and likely does cause health problems, and now Philip Stein has devised a system that may just alleviate that risk…all by simply wearing one of his watches.

The watches contain a battery that creates an electric field, and the crystal timing coil produces a magnetic field. These fields interact with a specially-crafted frequency technology chip, resulting in a filtering effect that eliminates the electromagnetic pollution we are bombarded with every day. This allows the body to come back to a more relaxed and peaceful state similar to meditation or deep sleep.
The watches are not inexpensive, but then again it is difficult to place a price tag on peace of mind. Controlled studies have shown that participants experienced more restful sleep, less anxiety and emotional stress, and even a reduction in chronic pain in some situations. If all of this can be achieved simply by wearing a particular timepiece, it seems that it would be well worth the cost.

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