Philip Stein Watches: Reviews And Scams

phillip-stein-teslar-watchIn addition to being a stylish timepiece, Philip Stein Watches use a Teslar chip to emit a frequency which strengthens the body’s electromagnetic field, and protects the body from external electromagnetic fields. Doctors have given support to the watch. The Philip Stein company claims the watch gives such benefits as better sleep, more energy, better stress management, and a calm feeling. What does it really do?

One person received the watch as a gift and wore it every day. They claim their migraines, which were terrible and happened once a week, almost completely vanished. They later were diagnosed with fibromyalgia, and had insomnia, pain, stress/anxiety, and these are all symptoms the Philip Stein Teslar watch is supposed to help with. Wearing the watch regularly, this person reports feeling generally better. Their fibomyalgia is not cured, and they still have insomnia, but they feel better.

It is a cure for said health problems, but perhaps a way to manage the body that helps with the disease, and as chronic disease sufferers will tell you, any improvement is worth it. It could be said the results vary person to person, and many users of the watch claim to experience its benefits.

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