Are Philip Stein Watches a Scam?

philip-stein-chronograph-sport-rubber-watchPhilip Stein claims that their Teslar watch emits a frequency which strengthens the body’s electromagnetic field and protects from external Electromagnetic fields around us such as power lines, cell phones, computers, microwaves, and other devices.
The company claims that wearing the watch can result in better sleep, better handling of stress, more energy, and a calmer feeling. Doctors have come out in support of the watch and its benefits, but does it really work, or is it a scam?
The first place to start is to talk with someone who uses the watch regularly. One such person used the Teslar watch everyday all day, except in the shower. They suffered from severe migraines at least once a week. They noticed that the migraines had almost completely vanished with regular wearing of the watch. Later, this same person was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, which causes for this person insomnia, pain, and stress and anxiety. Wearing the watch for long period in a row, this person finds that they feel better in general. In fact, they know it is not a cure, but considers it a part of a success regime including eating better and a lower exposure to chemicals. For this person who suffers not only from chronic pain in the form of fibromyalgia, but also serious migraines, the Philip Stein Teslar watch is anything but a scam.

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