Philip Stein Watches: How To Get The Right One For You

philip_stein_teslar_homeSeveral factors could come into play when deciding which Philip Stein watch is the right one for you. For instance, several outlets carry the Philip Stein line of Teslar technology watches, and all offer not only Stein’s own service guarantee but may also add their own personal guarantees or service contracts as well. When you are considering the purchase of a watch whose cost may be between $600 and $5,000, it makes sense to consider all the options.
If you DO purchase a Philip Stein watch, ideally it should be serviced by a jeweler with knowledge and experience with the technology it contains, but such providers are actually quite few. So consider this point when purchasing the watch, and ask if the retailer is able to service the watch or at least warranty its service through a knowledgeable provider. Also consider the initial cost of the watch itself and when you will likely wear the watch.
The benefits of Teslar technology are assumed to be cumulative, so it might not be a good idea to buy a watch that you only plan to wear on special occasions or when you get very dressed up. Ideally, a Philip Stein watch should be worn frequently to experience the positive effects of its technology, so this is important to think about when choosing the watch you will be comfortable with on a daily basis.
Overall, Philip Stein watches are an investment, not just a jewelry purchase, so make your choice wisely.

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  1. My Husband bought a Philip Stein Watch last January 18, 2012 as a Christmas gift for me at Lucerne shop in Ayala Center , Cebu Philippines. I wore it almost everyday, but last week of september i noticed that my philip stein was not working any more, so i brought it back to Lucerne for check up, they said it was a battery problem, my goodness we bought a very expensive watch for it work only barely 8 months. and Lucerne wanted me to pay for the battery! I even bought another, like mine as a gift for my mother in law last januray 24, 2012 and it’s still working hopefully. I read some articles about this brand of watch some have good reviews, how come mine doesn’t fit any of those qualities supposed to be of philip stein watch. My husband and I are very dissapointed.

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