Philip Stein Wine Wand: A Great Choice

wand1Wine aficionados know that one essential part of drinking wine is letting it breathe. This allows vapors such as alcohol, sugar, acidity and tannins to leave the bottle and glass so that the wine can really be all it was intended to be. Unfortunately, wine drinkers also know that waiting two hours for a bottle to aerate completely can be far too much to ask. With the Philip Stein Wine Wand, two hours can be reduced to two or three minutes in a glass, or five minutes in a bottle or decanter!

The Wand itself does something very simple to achieve this result. Using frequency based technology the wine is infused with the same frequencies of air and oxygen, which speeds up the transition from an unopened, organic, living bottle of wine, to a fully aerated and ready to consume bottle.

The Philip Stein Wine Wand has been tested by sommeliers and received high scores, but one can easily test the wand. Open a bottle, and pour a small amount into two identical glasses placed several feet apart on a surface which is not glass or metal. Place the wand in one glass, wait 2-3 minutes, and you will taste the difference.

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