Philip Stein Wine Wand Is Great

philip-stein-wine-wandI first saw the Philip Stein Wine Wand was on YouTube at what I think was a European trade show and it looked like one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. There was a woman there tasting a red that had just been aerated with the wand. She said she loved it but obviously I didn’t get to witness the wand in action in person, and since tasting is believing, I was left to just take the lady’s word for it. (And that wasn’t going to happen).

Still, I wanted to buy it but, at $325, I wasn’t immediately ready to pry open my wallet. So I did the next best thing… I had my wife buy it for me! (I know… I’m awful, but it was Christmas and I hate surprises).

Anyway, I used my wand for Christmas dinner on a fairly new Cabernet Sauvignon. I ordinarily would have let it breath for at least a half hour, probably an hour. But just as directed, I poured a glass for me and my son, inserted the wand in each glass for about 3 minutes, and I swear to God, it worked perfectly! (And trust me, this was a Cab that definitely needs to aerate. I had previously drunk it too soon and ended up basically wasting a thirty-dollar bottle).

I am now using my wand religiously. And it was money VERY well spent… by my wife. Excellent product!

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