Philip Stein Wine Wand Scams

2008_12_winewandThe Philip Stein wine wand seems to have made a successful debut as users meet his newest product with acceptance and rave reviews. To most people, this little gadget might seem trivial and overpriced, but to the true wine connoisseur it just might be the invention of the decade.

Ordinarily, it is the custom to allow a bottle of newly uncorked wine to breathe for two hours before pouring after it has been opened. This allows the alcohol vapors to evaporate and the tannins to disperse so that the true rich flavor of the wine can be appreciated. Of course, it may be inconvenient at best to abide by this “wait for two hours” rule, especially if you happen to forget to open the bottle ahead of time. Philip Stein’s wine wand solves that problem. Essentially, the wand is embedded with the naturally occurring frequencies of air, which then aerate the wine when the wand is placed into the glass. The wine then breathes completely in only a few minute’s time rather than the ordinary two hours, alleviating the process of uncorking the bottle far in advance of when the wine will be poured.
In light of the convenience of this product, it is probably only a matter of time before imitators and scams surface. Be on the lookout for those claiming the same results but without the technology. To date, Philip Stein is the leader in the wine wand arena.

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