Get Your Philip Stein Wine Wand Today

winewandadDo you love wine but wish you could aerate it properly? Is two hours too long for you to wait for wine to be ready? If so, you should definitely not wait to get yourself a Philip Stein Wine Wand.

Elegantly designed with capsulated glass jewels, the Philip Stein Wine Wand perfectly aerates wine using natural frequencies. All that is necessary is to insert the Wand in a glass of wine for 2 to 3 minutes, or a bottle or decanter for 5 minutes. The Wand will quickly aerate the wine, releasing the natural aromas and flavors quickly to reach their full potential without changing the taste.

A bottle of wine is an organic living thing. When opened, wine must breathe to help the vapors of alcohol, sugar, tannin and acidity to escape. 2 hours is the suggested time to properly aerate wine. Using the Wine Wand, it takes 5 minutes or less. By replicating the natural frequencies of air and oxygen, and infusing them in wine, the Wine Wand accelerates the aeration process. The Wine Wand has been tested by sommeliers and wine aficionados, and has received glowing reviews. Maximize your wine experience, get a Philip Stein Wine Wand today!

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