Benefits Of The Philip Stein Wine Wand

6575897Well, Philip Stein seems to have branched out from his extremely popular watches to his very catchy wine wand. The wand is designed to aerate the wine in a glass when it is placed into the wine, by replicating the air around it and infusing it directly into the wine. The idea is that the flavor of the wine is improved and the actual quality of the wine is elevated. Testers confirmed that it did indeed seem to improve the taste of the wine when the wand was used, but taste buds are pretty subjective.

The cost of the wand could prove to be its biggest detriment, at $325 for the travel version. That seems a little steep for a gadget whose sole purpose is to make a glass of wine taste better, but then again if you are a wine connoisseur it might be the perfect thing for your bag of implements. Or it may prove to be the most conversation-inducing stocking stuffer this Christmas time! Either way, it works, and it comes with Philip Stein’s name on it, so it is likely to be a top seller.
How does one go from designing a medically beneficial electromagnetic field housed in a beautiful watch to adding oxygen to glasses of wine? Who knows? But Philip Stein has done it, and for now it seems to be working.

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