Philip Stein Women’s Collections Prestige 11-VMOP: It’s What Women Want

The Philip Stein Women’s Collections Prestige 11-VMOP is in sync with both fashion and earth frequencies.

East meets west. Arabic meets Roman. Sassy meets sleek. The Philip Stein Women’s Collections Prestige 11-VMOP defies easy definition. As does, the woman who wears one.

Philip Stein is leading the news with stories about how the frequency technology – built into each timepiece – is transforming people’s lives with better rest, increased immunity and an over-all sense of well-being that hard to attain in today’s hectic, stress-ridden world.

The steel disk inside each Philip Stein watch has been treated and transformed by key frequencies, the most prominent of which is 7.83 Hertz (waves per second), that matches the frequency of natural earth. This is also the frequency in the human energy biofield when a person is relaxed or unstressed. When wearing the watch, a sympathetic resonance occurs as the human biofield begins to resonate more strongly at the 7.83 Hertz frequency. As everyone from Dr. Phil to legions of fans on Facebook and Twitter will attest, this is too good of news not to share.

Philip Stein is also turning heads in the fashion world as this fashion forward number with Pashima Red leather band proves. The Collections Prestige 11-VMOP’s curvy, polished stainless steel case and vogue mother of pearl double dial make this a watch that will go seamlessly from the office to a night on the town. A double curved spherical Sapphire crystal with anti-reflecting coating adds durability and practicality. A Pashima Pearl White leather band is available for those with more demure tastes.

For a watch that defies easy definition, the Philip Stein Women’s Collections Prestige 11-VMOP does offer one definitive answer to the age old question of “what do women want?” A Philip Stein watch, of course!

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  1. Again, great introduction – you really know how to capture a reader’s attention! I enjoyed the structure and easy-to-follow dynamic of the article. Wonderfully written.

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