Philip Stein Women’s Watches – A beautiful way to reduce stress!

There is so much to be said about Philip Stein women’s watches, it’s hard to know where to begin. 

First of all, no other watch company can claim to help reduce stress.  Philip Stein watches utilize natural frequency technology, via their embedded Teslar chips, which actually protect the wearer from damaging (and stress-causing) electromagnetic fields.  They do this by using a frequency that is mimics the natural resonance of the earth.  This new field suspends the wearer in a relaxing “bubble” of energy that keeps the body from being impacted by a barrage of electromagnetic energy that emanates from computers, cell phones and appliances.

But there is so much more to get excited about with Philip Stein women’s watches.  Available in three collections – Prestige, Modern and Classic – each watch is crafted with the finest quality materials, intricately detailed crowns, and dual time-zone dials.  Personally though, my favorite thing about these watches is the vast selection of interchangeable straps.  Every imaginable color and texture is represented here, making it very tempting to buy a small collection for every occasion.

The classically fluid styling of Philip Stein women’s watches make them especially attractive for every occasion, but their diamond-studded Prestige collection really captured my heart.  More than just luxury timepieces, these are some of the most opulent watches available anywhere. 

Sure, you can buy diamond watches from most of the better known jewelers, but when you add the artistry and health benefits of Philip Stein’s ladies watches, it is truly a winning combination.

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