Philip Stein Women’s Watches – the Ultimate in Luxury

Anyone who loves luxury watches will tell you; there is a purity of style that come through in every Philip Stein watch.  It is a certain elegance that is evident in every one of their timepieces, no matter how simple or glamorous they are.  Perhaps this sophisticated style comes from a creative genius, or an experienced designer, but there is nothing like a Philip Stein.  Neither underdeveloped nor overdone, each luxury timepiece in the Prestige, Signature and Modern collections seems to hold its own, regardless of which strap or style of case it is paired with. 

A great way to witness this masterful design is to select a case that suits your style – it could be something as simple as the dual time-zone, stainless steel Signature case, or something as elaborate as a double-diamond studded case from the Prestige collection.  Then match up your case with a variety of bracelets and straps.  You will see what I mean.  Somehow, miraculously, they all seem to “work”. 

A favorite combination of mine, in Philip Stein’s Signature collection, is one of the newer watches shown on their web site.  It is a petite stainless steel dual time-zone case, with a dial and case that is lightly embellished with a lace pattern over a curved, sapphire coated crystal.  Match this with an opalescent mother-of-pearl dial and you will see this is a watch with a style all its own.  Shown with a richly textured Grace Silver patent leather strap, each element of this watch is a perfect complement to the platinum sheen of the case.  This delightful Philip Stein watch is also shown with a sprinkling of diamonds and colorful precious stones surrounding the bezel – the ultimate in femininity.

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