Philip Stein

Philip Stein: Who is the Man Behind the Watch Company?

Ever since the launch of Philip Stein watches in 2002, many have tried to learn more about the man behind this groundbreaking company. Philip Stein is best known for integrating natural frequency-based technology in its extensive collection of watches.   A number of people have tried to interview Mr. Stein to learn more about his philosophy and how he began to incorporate the Teslar chip into his designer watches, but no one could seem to get a meeting with Philip.  Like me, they were left wondering: “Where in the world is Philip Stein?”

Well, the first thing you should know about Philip Stein is that his real name isn’t Philip; it is Wilhelm.  When asked why he named his company Philip Stein, Wilhelm says, “Now, if I tried to make Wilhelm into an international brand, it would be impossible.  I shortened it to “Will” but my wife didn’t like it either,” he says.  At the time, his wife was pregnant and they were also thinking of a name for their son.  One name they were considering was Ben Philip, so they decided to name their son Ben, and the watch company “Philip Stein”.

Now that you know Philip Stein’s real name is Will, you may be wondering how he got into the watch business.  Well, with Will’s background in marketing, and his wife Rina’s natural design ability, they combined their strengths to form the Philip Stein watch company in 1999.  Then, in 2002, they became aware of the concept that naturally-occurring frequencies can be replicated, and these frequencies can improve the overall health and well being of the wearer.  They began to work with a pioneer in this new technology, and incorporated it into an extensive collection of Philip Stein watches, which have quickly became known as the “Feel Good Watch”.

The Philip Stein watch company was founded on the belief in the energetic power of naturally occurring frequencies when they are embedded on solid-state materials. By including a chip that utilizes these innovative technologies, Philip Stein watches are designed to improve the natural flow of energy within people’s bodies. Will and Rina Stein believe this ancient Chinese theory is highly effective in improving overall health and their customers claim to feel the results.

With this cutting-edge technology, Philip Stein has consistently sought to create products that were not only luxurious and beautiful, but also simultaneously improved one’s overall well-being.  Today, Philip Stein watches are sold in 25 countries, and were recently featured on “Oprah’s Favorite Things”.  So if you are seeking a functional and beautiful designer watch that will make you “feel good”, look no further than the Philip Stein collection of TESLAR watches; and remember, you can call him Will.