Philip Stein’s More Affordable Active and Classic Collections

In 2009, when most companies were scaling back their luxury watch collections, the Philip Stein watch company started expanding theirs.  That’s because even in the midst of a severe economic crisis, the worldwide demand for these watches remained steady.  Perhaps the reason for this has more to do with the frequency technology in the watches than with their high style and good looks, but their popularity is definitely attributable to both.

The new Active and Classic collections of Philip Stein’s Teslar watches are the company’s first foray into a single movement timepiece.  The watches still incorporate the same frequency based technology that the company is known for, only without the signature dual time-zone face.  But best of all, the Active and Classic collections are attractively priced.  Sure you can still buy the ultra-luxurious Prestige collection, with double-diamond encrusted crown and dial, or the Prestige for men in limited-edition titanium. The watches are also still available in delicately crafted cocktail watches for a uniquely feminine look. 

No matter which Philip Stein collection you choose, you will be reap the health benefits that come from tiny Teslar chips, embedded discretely in the case.  The chips emit a signal that resets the body’s natural energy field to be in harmony with the resonance of the Earth.  I know, that sounds a little new age, but it is scientifically proven that the Schumann Resonance of 7.83 Hz is the same frequency found naturally in the Earth.  When the body is also tuned into this frequency, it naturally relaxes and resists the stress-causing frequencies that come from modern electronics.

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