Philip Stein’s New Cozumel Boutique

Philip Stein watches and accessories offer an elegant way to express one’s personal sense of style while combating the negative effects of stress and electronic pollution.  While many articles have been written about Philip Stein’s frequency technology, and even Oprah has sung the praises of these beautiful “feel good” watches, it is much easier to sell this concept to consumers when they can walk into the spa-like atmosphere of a Philip Stein boutique.

Luxury watchmaker, Philip Stein, is opening their first store in the Americas in the fall of 2009.  After much speculation, National Jeweler recently reported that this store will be located in Cozumel, Mexico, most likely due to the islands large volume of wealthy tourists.  To lure in these tourists and well-heeled cruise ship passengers, the Philip Stein boutique won’t just be another tourist-trap.  Instead, it will focus on creating an immersive and innovative shopping experience.  Similar to the effects of Philip Stein’s well-known “natural frequency technology”, this store will create a personalized shopping experience that is both luxurious and calming. 

The primary theme to this new boutique will be “Chi” energy.  To carry out this theme, designers are using technology that harmonizes with the shopper’s Chi energy.  By presenting messaging in the form of video, hands-on experiences, and verbal information, the imagery in this store will immediately impress upon customers the myriad design elements of Philip Stein’s products, while reinforcing the calming effects of natural frequency technology.  Through the process of doing this, the customer will become calm and relaxed, and more open to making a purchase. 

Philip Stein knows that the best form of advertising comes from satisfied customers.  By creating a sense of well being and calm in customers, the idea is to make such an impression on customers, that they themselves become Philip Stein’s best brand ambassadors. 


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