Puharich: A Major influence on Philip Stein’s Frequency Technology

Born in Chicago in 1918, Andrija Puharich was a scientist, inventor and physician.  He was also a well-known researcher of parapsychological theories and author.  A specialist in Internal Medicine, he graduated from the Northwestern University School of Medicine. 

A biographer of Uri Geller, and investigator of psychic phenomena, Puharich often conducted scientific experiments on the paranormal, and his work encouraged a more rational assessment of psychic abilities.   

But it was his research concerning the influence of extremely low frequency (ELF) electromagnetic waves on the human mind that influenced today’s Teslar technology.  Some of his devices, designed to block or convert ELF emissions to prevent them from harming humans, are what spawned the innovations behind Philip Stein’s Teslar watches. 

Along with other notable scientists and inventors, Puharich definitely played an important role in the development of frequency technology.  His belief that ELF waves would someday prove to be a health hazard has been confirmed and his ideas are now being applied to help people live healthier lives. 

Between Schumann’s discovery of the earth’s natural resonance, Tesla’s pioneering inventions in the world of electromechanical engineering, and Puharich’s brilliant innovations with electromagnetic waves, the Philip Stein Teslar watch was born.  The technology behind these watches is a significant achievement in frequency technology.  Wear a Philip Stein watch and you will recognize the benefits – they will help you stay focused, energized and calm.

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