Release the flavor of your favorite wine – in only minutes!

How can you get the best flavor from your favorite Chardonnay, Zinfandel or Pinot Noir?  Wine experts agree that the best flavor only comes from a wine that is properly aerated.  But what about when you’re dining out and the waiter opens the wine right in front of you?  Or, maybe you’re entertaining guests and you don’t have time to aerate each bottle of wine after it is opened.  After all, proper wine aeration takes about two to three hours, which is way too long for most people.

Well, thanks to the frequency technology and innovation of the Philip Stein company, you no longer need to wait to enjoy your favorite wines.  With the new Philip Stein Wine Wand, you can aerate your wine by the glass or by the bottle in just a few minutes. 

This relatively recent breakthrough works in a similar fashion to the technology in Philip Stein Teslar watches.  It emits a frequency – in this case the same frequency that is present in oxygen – to replicate the effects of aeration and release the natural flavors and aroma of your favorite wine.

Keep in mind that wine, in its natural state, is organic and alive.  But because wine ferments, the remaining acids and sugars remain after fermentation is complete.  When a wine is allowed to “breathe”, the leftover alcohol vapors, sugars and tannins are released into the air, leaving only the splendid flavor of the wine itself.  Only then can your favorite wine be enjoyed in the way the vintner intended. 

Philip Stein’s wine wand contains the same frequencies as oxygen within a beautiful crystal cylinder that is inserted into a bottle or glass for just a minute or two.  They’ve been tested by the world’s most prominent sommeliers, and they are all amazed at how well the wand works.

While you’re out buying a new wine wand for your favorite wine connoisseur, pick one up for yourself.  You never know when it will come in handy.

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