Scientific Studies about the Beneficial Effects of Philip Stein Watches

The Philip Stein Company is the leader in luxury watches and other products embedded with frequency technology, known for their beneficial effects on mood and stress. Many wearers have proclaimed the benefits of Philip Stein timepieces, but until now there were no U.S. based scientific studies about how this technology affects the body and mind.

Earlier this year, Philip Stein commissioned two known experts in their fields, Dr. Beverly Rubik and Dr. Michael Breus, to conduct scientific trials on their products. The studies, which were announced by company president Will Stein in May, will relate to two major health issues: sleep deprivation and stress, both widespread problems around the world.

Will Stein says he is thrilled to embark on the company’s first U.S.-based study, and about the expertise that Drs. Rubik and Breus will bring to the table. Confident that their efforts will confirm the benefits of frequency technology for the wearers of their time pieces, the Philip Stein watch company is looking forward to getting started and releasing the results by early in 2010.

Dr. Brues is a Clinical Psychologist at the American Board of Sleep Medicine. He has extensively studied and specializes in clinical sleep disorders and is an expert on neuropsychological testing. He will work in partnership with Neurotrials, on conducting independent clinical trials for the sleep benefits of Philip Stein watches.

Dr. Rubik is a biophysicist with a PhD from UC Berkeley, who now teaches Integrative Health Studies at the Saybrook Graduate School and the California Institute for Integral Studies. She will conduct a clinical study that measures the health benefits of wearing Philip Stein watches, including stress reduction and physiological health benefits.

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