SFT, MFT and the Philip Stein Watch

A lot of time and energy has been spent by bloggers trying to create a name for themselves by spreading rumors about a Philip Stein watch scam.  One would think they would have better things to do than try to defame a proven technology, but I am here to set the record straight.

First of all, if you know anyone who actually owns a real Philip Stein watch, you probably have heard them proclaim how the technology in these timepieces has changed their life.  I’ve personally heard from chronic pain sufferers, insomniacs, anxiety-ridden executives, and a number of formerly jet-lagged airline employees who say they their Philip Stein watch made a noticeable difference.  Arthritis pain has slipped away after a few weeks, people are sleeping better, jet lag is no longer an issue, and stress is a thing of the past for these Philip Stein Teslar fans.  If anyone can debunk the bloggers and their “Philip Stein watch scam” sites, these people can. 

How does Philip Stein Teslar technology work?

Since 2002, the Philip Stein watch company has been outselling their competitors with watches that incorporate two types of natural frequency technology: SFT (Single Frequency Technology) and MFT (Multiple Frequency Technology). 

·         SFT works with a dual-chip system where the chips interact with the watch battery’s electric field as well as the magnetic field of the movement, resulting in a frequency of 7-9Hz, the same frequency present in the body’s most harmonious and peaceful state.

·         MFT, available only in Philip Stein’s Prestige collection, uses a permanently programmed alloy disk, which emits multiple frequencies of natural well-being, in addition to the 7-9Hz frequencies. 

Both forms of technology offer the wearer a more peaceful state of mind, less stress, better sleep and increased energy.  Exposure to these natural frequencies essentially “fools” the body into a blissful state, since these are the same frequencies present when the brain is relaxed and in tune with nature.

If you think you’ve been fooled by a Philip Stein watch scam, it’s true you may have been a victim of a scam, but it was not created by Philip Stein.  Beware of replica watch companies who try to sell you a Philip Stein watch.  These are the true scam artists.

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