Shoot the Messenger behind Teslar Scams

They say you shouldn’t shoot the messenger, but in this case it is very tempting to do so.  I just spent some time reading a few of the bogus sites that claim to “review” products and reveal scams.  A few of them mention Teslar scams as if they know something about them, when it is obvious by comparing their sites that they do nothing but steal ideas from each other.  It is doubtful that anyone writing about these so-called scams has ever darkened the door of Neiman-Marcus or seen a real Philip Stein Teslar watch in person.  Reading their blogs, it wouldn’t surprise me if you told me they never left their basements. 


But, just in case you are tempted to believe in “snake oil scams” or other such blogs, Here are the facts about Frequency Technology and Philip Stein watches.


Since 2002, Philip Stein watches have become one of the most popular luxury watch brands in American and around the world.  Because they integrate a patented Teslar Single Frequency Technology (SFT) chip, which emits a 7.83Hz frequency, wearing a Philip Stein watch can actually make you feel good. 


All day, every day we are exposed to electronic frequencies that disturb the natural flow of energy, or “chi”, in our body and disrupts our electromagnetic fields.  These extra-low frequency (ELF) emissions come from cell phones, computers, microwaves, and any number of electronic devices.  When this natural energy field is disturbed, it leaves us more susceptible to stress, makes us feel fatigued, and interrupts our sleep. 

Wearing a Philip Stein watch allows your body to recapture the naturally occurring frequencies (7-9Hz) that are present when our body is in a state of optimal performance and relaxation. 


Don’t fall for the blogs about Philip Stein Teslar scams.  Take it from Oprah Winfrey, who named Philip Stein Teslar watches one of her “favorite things” – twice! 

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